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Grading of Walks



A +

Severe. Arduous walks for the experienced and the very fit, involving some or all of the following factors:- on high ground; with exposure; with steep ascents/descents; at a brisk pace; distances over 24 kms.

This is the standard grading for hill-walking in winter conditions.


Strenuous. For the fit, involving some or all of the following factors:- on high or rough ground; with steep ascents or descents; distances over 24 kms.

B +

Moderate to strenuous. For the reasonably fit.
In winter, those who are inexperienced in the above grades of walk must contact the leader through a contact name, prior to the date of the walk.


Moderate. Demanding higher standards of fitness and stamina than C + (below).

C +

Easy to moderate. For those with improving fitness, offering some modest challenges but less than 17 kms long.


Easy. Mainly on level ground and often on paths or tracks. Suitable for beginners. Less than 12 kms.

Please note that the gradings given for walks are intended only as a rough guide. For further information on a particular walk, contact the leader via one of the contact names.

The leader may change or cancel a walk because of adverse weather conditions or for any other good reason.
The duration of walks can vary enormously from times stated, depending upon the members of the group and the weather.
Inexperienced walkers must check with the leader through one of the contact names before coming on a grade of walk with which they are unaccustomed.

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